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Woofing Woods Ltd.

What's it all about?

All Woodland:

Woofing Woods is a 4.57Acre 6ft enclosed private woodland that available for you to hire to enjoy a stress free walk with your dog(s) to yourselves.

The location of the woods are just outside of Bramhope, if you enter Woofing Woods into Google or Apple maps, it will bring you to the gate. 

Voted Best Dog Field in West Yorkshire 2023 - British Dogs Fields.

The entire woods are enclosed:

You get the entire woodland for your sole use during your booking time. The woods are entirely fenced in with deer fencing at 6ft high surrounding.

There is also a half acre 6ft fenced training area within the woods which is included in your booking time. Should you want a smaller area to practice training - there's long training lines hung up should you need - please feel free to use these during your visit, just pop them back before you leave.

Suitable for everyone:

Woofing Woods is a perfect location for everyone.


You may need to practice on some training, want to meet a friend for a walk knowing nothing is going to jump out round the corner, have a nervous or reactive dog. I have also ensured any wheelchair users can get around the woodland with nothing in the way. 


From start to end, we want you to be stress free. There are bins, spare poo bags, tennis ball vending machine, on site parking, agility and a training area all available to use during your visit. 

We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our technological capabilities. Our expert team of professionals is passionate about developing the most advanced tech on the market. Ready to experience the future? Get in touch.


Whilst I try give as much info as needed, everyone has different needs.

Should you have any questions - please drop me a message through the Contact page.

how to book?

Bookings are all through the website. 

Available to book 30/60/90/120 slots.

Please see the booking page for all availability.

points for paws

Make sure you sign up when you book to start your loyatly scheme.

Earn 10 paw points when you book - redeem 10% off when you reach 100 paw points.

XL Bullys & Exempted dogs

All dogs are welcome - including XL Bullys & Exempted dogs - off lead and muzzle free!

Please se the dedicated page with all rules and info - provided via our insurance.

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