Woofing woods - what is it about?

Woofing Woods is a secure private woodland that available for you to hire privately to enjoy a stress free walk with your dog(s).

The location of the woods are just outside of Bramhope, if you enter Woofing Woods into Google or Apple maps, it will bring you to the gate. 

Woofing woods is 4.57Acres (18,494sq meter - two and half premier league football grounds) Meaning we are not only the ONLY woodland dog park in West Yorkshire, but also the LARGEST.

You get the entire woodland for your sole use during your booking time. The woods are entirely fenced in with deer fencing at 6ft high.

When you arrive you park inside the woods, lock yourself inside so you have a safe secure area to unload and load your dogs away from the road.

There is also a half acre 6ft penned area within the woods which is included in your booking time. Should you want a smaller area to practice training.

There are training lines hung up in the penned area which are free to use should you need. Please make sure you're in control of your dog(s) during your visit.

Woofing Woods is a perfect space to enjoy time with your dog, whether they are nervous, scared of cyclist/joggers etc. Its just total peace of mind, just knowing you have that time frame all to yourselves.

Please make sure you read our T&Cs prior to booking, booking at payment is our confirmation you have read and agreed to these terms.