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frequently asked questions

Where is the parking area?

Upon arrival you will pull up to the 6ft  gate, you open the gate into the woods, and park inside the woodland. Shut the gate before you get your dog(s) out of the vehicle. Parking area fits a maximum of three vehicles. Woofing Woods Ltd don't allow walk ins so ensure your entire party are part of the booking. Once you have parked up and gate shut you are in the woodland. To reduce ground damage please reverse in.

I have a booking I need to reschedule?

This is not a problem at all, to reduce admin and make sure your booking is swapped over quickly. Find another date and time available that suits your schedule and contact with: Name, Current date and time booked and new date and time. More then 48hours notice is provided to swap over and make current available to others in time. Less then 48hours notice unfortunately cannot be changed.

I have booked for one car, can I change this to upto three?

Yes, this is not a problem. Again along as more than 48hours notice given to allow extra admin time to alter booking. This is only available for bookings 60/90/120mins. This is not available for 30min bookings as time to enter and leave has resulted in other bookings being affected in the past. You are always welcome to meet a friend etc, just allow plenty of time for arrival and departure, chatting, dogs playing etc. Make sure your entire party are aware of time booked and rules of use so no other bookings are affected.

My dog is never off lead, will they be ok?

You are responsible for your dog(s), Woofing Woods Ltd is a large area at 4.57acres. There is a half acre training area within that is free to use (perfect for recall training), also long training lines (hung up in the training area) to use. Or alternatively keep your dog(s) on the lead whilst using the woodland is recall is an issue.

My Dog is an escape artist, are the woods suitable?

Only you as the owner can answer that, the woods are enclosed with a 6ft deer stock fence, the back wall is between the woods and fence. I always recommend you book 30mins for your first visit if you are not sure, do a walk round with them on the lead or long line. You can assess for yourself and for your dogs needs etc and know to book longer next time. You do need to be in control of your dogs at all times in your booking, long lines available to use should you need. 

Do you allow group meets?

Unfortunately no.

Parking spaces are one of the main problem, having tried trial meets in the past also people turning up too early and leaving late has affected other bookings. This is not fair on others that use the woods for specific needs. Putting people under pressure to leave or having them wait and their booking times affected isn't what Woofing Woods Ltd wants for anyone. Stress free experience for the entire booking is what we want.

What facilities do you have?

Well, basically Woofing Woods Ltd is a woodland. There is no electricity, no cafe and no toilets. 

There are fresh water containers, however always bring your own water should the tap have been left on. 

The woods have plenty to do, there are picnic tables, bin, poo bags, tennis balls, training area, onsite parking, CCTV, agility area. There is plenty for you to do. The ground is flat so better access to all, we have ensured any wheel chair access is available around the entire woodland. Be aware in wetter weather, some paths can get a little muddy. Also be aware it is a woodland so some tree roots on the paths.

Any other questions, just drop a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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