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Woofing Woods Terms & Conditions

  • Arrival procedure - you will be sent directions of the woodlands with booking confirmation. when you arrive there is a combination lock (you will receive this number on the morning of your booking)  If you open the gate, drive in and park inside the woodland and lock your self in. There are cameras on the entrance to monitor times and keep everyone safe.

  • Departure procedure - When you have finished your time slot, if you get loaded back up in the last five minutes of your booking, and please put the lock back on the gate when you are leaving and mix the numbers up.


  • Your time slot is just for you. No one else will be using the space in that time frame. It is your responsibility to sarrive on time. If you are late on arriving, you will still need to leave at the end of your time booked as there will be another appointment straight after you.

  • No Climbing on the equipment or trees, this is a woodland so be aware of roots sticking up. We are not liable for any trips/falls .


  • Please pick up any dog facese and dispose of in the bins provided.


  • Off lead exercise in the woodland is at your own risk. Please be aware of potential live stock in neighbouring field and the road. If your dog is likely to jump the wall, please keep on a lead or long line so you are in control.


  • Security - Cameras are up in place for your safety. If anyone is spotted misusing the woodland or not abiding to the guidelines in place you will not be welcome to use them again.

  • Multiple household walks - This is absolutely fine (COVID pending depending on upto date guidelines/restrictions), aslong as you have booked and paid for the correct booking. Please  stick to the current guidelines for Leeds and social distancing rules. Anyone caught booking for one household slot and not 2-3 household will be banned from Woofing Woods again. CCTV is in place.


  • Vehicles are left at your own risk, any damage to them Woofing Woodland is not held liable.

  • Payment is to be paid online. Payment secures your booking and means you have read and agree to these rules


  • Cancellations - Anything less then 24 hours notice of cancellation you will not be offered a transfer of booking or refund.

  • COVID19 - anyone showing symptoms, tested positive or self isolating please do not attend the woodlands. There is hand sanitiser on the table and disinfectant wipes.

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