The Variety Box is packed with a selection of treats.


All the boxes have been carefully put together to ensure you get the most for your money.


The Variety Box contains:


  • 1 Hairy Cow Ear
  • 4 Rabbit Ears
  • 1 Pig Ear
  • 150g Vension sausages
  • 2 Bull Pizzle 12cm
  • 2 Duck Neck
  • 1 Chicken Neck
  • 3 Duck Feet
  • 3 Chicken Feet
  • 50g Beef Gullet
  • 50g Tripe
  • 100g - 100% Rabbit/Boar/Vension/Lamb Strip


Always supervise your dog(s) when they are having a chew.


* ALLERGIES - The boxes can be altered should there be any allergies e.g. chicken - please just pop a note on the order and items can be swapped to alternative of same value.


** Should one of the items be out of stock, they will be replaced with another to match the same value


** All weights are approximate and weighed as close as possible


*** Expiry date is six months from purchase, all boxes as made to order keeping the contents fresh.

Variety Box