Handmade in West Sussex, England and nautically knotted with anti-tick ceramic beads, these cool dog necklaces not only look great but can help prevent ticks attaching to your dog.


Our Pawfect Pink Necklace has a navy cord tie 


The EM ceramic beads feature Effective Micro-organisms, good bacteria that increase your dog’s natural immune resistance. Effective Micro-organisms work quite differently to antibiotics and chemical agents - expelling rather than killing germs and bugs - providing a natural alternative tick repellent. Designed to be worn around your dog’s neck like a necklace, to give close contact to their coat and skin, the beads are activated as your dog moves.


The EM Tick-Off Dog Necklace is a great preventative measure against ticks but, like other tick repellent products, there is no guarantee that it will keep these pests off your furry friends. The best prevention is to avoid known tick areas and check your dog (and yourself) after walking in forests and areas wit